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Well Integrity & Interference Testing

  • Traditional Noise Logging replacement:
    Emphasize more complete picture in faster time (recent surveys have taken as much as 90% off traditional noise logging operational time).
  • Time and full wellbore measurement elements allow for faster, more accurate acoustic source recognition:
    Recent operations have shown the DAS measurement to be far more sensitive to acoustic energy than a traditional noise tool, over a broader frequency range.
  • Can be combined with other downhole tools for holistic measurement approach:
    Can combine with other downhole tools, such as MAPS, CBL, etc. to provide a “one run” full wellbore diagnostic set.
  • Interference Testing provides full wellbore view:
    Recent success in interference testing has resulted in major changes in completion strategy for multiple clients.

Production Logging

  • In Situ measurement leaving the well in its true configuration:
  • Time and full wellbore analysis measurement elements allow for practical dynamic well evaluation:
    Typically full dynamic well analysis can take 18 hrs in a dry gas well, but is often less than 12 hrs.
  • Can be combined with other downhole tools for holistic measurement approach:
    Leaving the tubing in place gives insight into proper tubing landing depths for well optimization purposes.
  • Provides a reliable fluid identification signature:
    Fluid ID comes from proprietary software filtering. Depending on tubular flowing conditions, it can often be achieved thru-tubing.
  • Periodic cross flow can be determined faster, with more accuracy:
    Cross flow can be more quickly realized with full wellbore measurement.
  • Insight into production and well optimization:
    Experience over the past 5 years has shown that most wellbores are dramatically more dynamic than previously assumed, with some zones contributing to production at greatly variable rates, including H2O production

Injection & Production Optimization

  • Provides accurate time-based measurements of critical arrival events of sweep energy in water and steam floods:
    Can be used for both H2O and gas drives/storage.
  • Addition of DAS data removes heuristic effects of temperature measurement increasing accuracy of the diagnostics:
    DTS and DAS are not replacements but offer a different dimension on dynamic nature of your reservoir.
  • Allows for insight into the efficiency of injection wells:
    Flow tubes and 5K pressure grease head with 5 flow tubes available, or basic pack-off assembly.


  • First Frac monitoring cemented sliding sleeves with permanent installed fiber.
  • First Multi-Well Frac monitoring permanent installed fiber and simultaneous logging.
  • First combination intervention DTS/DAS interference test on tractor conveyed wireline operation.
  • High efficiency well integrity test, taking a fraction of the typical operational time of traditional noise tool logging.
  • 315+ wells evaluated by analysis team.
  • Successful diagnostics combining both FO sensing and tradition production logs.
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